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Welcome to the website of the National network for transparency and accountability in the electricity sector of Tajikistan «», this is non-commercial informational resource of Consumers’ Union of Tajikistan.



The critical lack of the energy resources in our country became the reason of unsustainable access to the electricity and the official electricity cuts in the autumn-winter period, and even sometimes resulted to the irregular supply in summer period. These problems made electricity as the subject of the numerous speculations and disputes on the national and regional levels, and electricity has became non-transparent and non-predictable sector of the national economy.


For your attention – three buttons, which will assist you in following:

Button «COMPLAIN». Press it, select your region and in appeared form leave us your complaint, or question concerning violating of your consumer rights, we will try to provide prompt and comprehensive response and further required actions.

Button «MAP». You would like to know situation with electricity supply in Tajikistan, in regions of country, just press this button and you will see the map with latest updates. Also you can select the date and the region and see appropriate information. Regions and districts will be marked by colors in order to identify worst and better situation with electricity supply.

Button «TABLE». Those data about electricity supply you can also find and download in the table form. Press button, select your region and districts, select dates and period and you will receive a table with information on the selected settlements and dates.


25 districts are not whole Tajikistan. Nowadays our network covers only 25 districts from more than 60 settlements of our country. If representatives of the districts, which are not covered by our Network now, will be interested in providing information about electricity supply in their respective districts, feel free to contact us. We will inform you about details of cooperation with us. We will be happy to cover by our network all “dark” corners of our country. Let’s make Tajikistan brighter together!